Parent Want A Say Campaign

Requirement: Brand architecture and website

The challenge

Parents Want a Say brings together campaigners and groups across England & Wales who want to see the changes to the school attendance policy reversed immediately. They needed a brand identity that was lively yet would convey the seriousness of their campaigning, and a website on which they could provide advice, news, reports – and a voice for parents.

The solution

We devised a logo that had the flexibility to be more than one ‘logo’: the ‘Brand’ family. Far from being Mr & Mrs Bland, ‘Mr & Mrs Brand’ are vibrant and colourful but far from childish. Our solution enables Parents Want a Say to represent all families – young, old and from various ethnic groups – with lots of visual interest and appeal. The logo has strong family values and conveys a serious message. We ensured the logo and font could work in all sizes and on a range of promotional material, and that it was even flexible enough to work on its own without the family characters. Having developed the branding as a firm foundation for all creative deliverables , we designed and built a website that’s packed with handy information and easy to update with newsworthy articles and Twitter feeds. In keeping with the ‘fun and lively’ brief, we created a torn-off page design and used colourful type throughout.